Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey, Looky What I Found!

I was cleaning my room the other day, and I found a journal, all tattered and obvs. having seen better days, with a widdle pwecious puddy cat on it. I looked inside it and it's a writing journal I made when I was like 9! SO fun to see what I wrote as a kid, and mock it thusly.

Some of it, I was pretty impressed with though- like, most of the notebook was devoted to a fictional city I created, "Kensington". I was seriously anal retenive about it, too- I made maps, laws, shops, and little flyers for the shops about sales and their inventory... pretty impressive for a little kid :P ;)

And then I found my very first literary "wor of art" (emphasis on the quotation marks!). It's this whole miniseries of short stories I made, called Candy and Bama. No paragraphs, awful sorting, but it was pretty fun to mock. Maybe I'll post it if I can remember where I put the notebook (I didn't clean so well, you see....)

And then another series called On Cloud Nine.

Ah, youth. To be so ignorant and fleeting, completely and blissfully ignorant of the laws of text again.