Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Witty Titles Come to Mind.

Hello everyone! No, I'm not dead, as you can see from my many posts on my main blog, Serendipity Book Reviews, I've just totally lost my will to write.

Well, I want to, and I have ideas, but I've been reading my stuff on here, and here, my dear readers, is what I have to say:


It's just AWFUL, right? My characters are SO lame. Well, some parts I felt were acceptable, but then others were just... UGH. And the first line fo Black and White Rainbow was enough to make me seem certifiable.

Maybe I'm being too hard on my self, but I just feel the need to stop writing in this bad mood :P

I'll be back soon with something. And I promise one day, Claire's story will be told fully, no copouts. :)


  1. Hi, don't give up listen to La Rouxs album. and not just the first track. Tigerlily (the song) is very inspiring.

    good luck

    love ya!

  2. Thanks Imogen- I'll try it :)

    It probably didn't help that it was like midnight when I wrote it and seriously depressed because I was watching The Notebook, huh?


  3. I love the Notebook! Sorry, back to topic. It's really not crapola! I, for one, thought they were all great! I don't have as much time now, but back when I wrote, I had a better idea and moved on halfway through the first draft of the prologue! So well done you for writing three parts already! Keep going - you can always change bits you find cringy, but I think it's really good.

  4. Thanks Sara :) Right, I've been going through the stories now and I'm editing stuff that's particularly cringe worthy. Though I will have to rewrite the WHOLE first chapter... oh well :)

  5. DONT GIVE UP!!! ITS NOT BAD!!!!! Keep going :) The stuff I write I feel is bad, but when I come back to it on a different day I re-read it and it's not as bad as I once thought :)

  6. You're right- maybe I should just re-read it some other time? My friend Katy writes too, that's what she's doing right now... Anyways thanks so much for the advice :)

  7. ARE YOU CRAZY??? Your stories are brilliant! I love the all!

  8. Thanks Cherry! I was just kind of in a funk because of watching the Notebook and eating ice cream, waving my spoon and yelling "NO :(" at the sad parts- lol jk :) I'm glad you like it! I guess it's just not good to read it when I'm in a bad mood :(

  9. OOOHHHH so Meggin you totally have to do this with me!! ok??? ok so my friend Amanda of hosts these little writing things were you have to listen to music and then write. Its what i do on my other blog (my non-book blog :P) try it out!! pretty please? lol I think you'll like it. My newest piece I'm not so happy about :(

  10. Thanks Margo, I try it! Sounds fun :)


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