Saturday, July 4, 2009

Black and White Rainbow, Chapter 3

Gym is made of suckitude.
I mean, it’s a proven fact. Have you ever met someone who enjoyed it? Did you personally enjoy it? Say it with me girls, NO.
So how had I possibly been assigned double periods- and one with BOYS, and only 6 other girls. Most girls, they’d probably be happy about this situation- the sexiest boys in school would see them in their short shorts and tanks, waving their “ta-tas” (As Cass called them). But, seeing as I had that rule about love, even flings (you always get hurt in flings, always always always, even though they say flings are just fun that you forget after they happen. You don’t, in my opinion. Both parties are damaged. Okay, moral monitor freakout over.) Anyways, I think it’s simple why the above statement is true.
And that day, Coach Shiner only proved my point further. Her brilliant idea? Dancing. SQUARE dancing, in mixed partners. Say it with me again, everyone: GYM SUCKS. GYM SUCKS. PLUS I had to do it for two periods in a row. Fairness percentage: 0.0000001%.
And another thing: My partner was the jerk that was Nate.
Nate Burlington was the new guy. He was an exchange student, but just from New York. Um, we thought. No one really heard him talk. No, he only did that when it was to make a dig at me.
Nate was what some more swoony girls (which it’s painfully obvious I’m not) would consider cute. I however, considered him an absolute scumbag. I think, now that I look back on it, that I hated him so much because he reminded me of Jess. I just couldn’t handle that, that deprived starving feeling he always gave me, so I automatically wrote him off. That and he was a total pig- did I mention that? I thought so.
“So fate’s thrown us together again, huh, beautiful?” He said to me in a voice that suggested I was anything but.
“I guess so. Now go away.” I tried to walk away to the bleachers (gray, like the rest of that
school- why did the academic committee see it fitting to not only stick us in some building for the longest time with people we despise, but they have to make it color-coordinated with our moods- gray and BLAH), but of course he followed me.
“Oh, c’mon Claire, I know you love me. We both know it,” He did this weird eyebrow thing. Grrrrrrrrr.
“Yes, I confess- I’m madly in love with you. I write about you in my diary all the time: “Dearest diary, Nate was a jerk for the 176th day in the row. Plus he ate a banana, and I took the peel- score, bite marks!- He’s soooooo dreamy.”
He grinned. “See? I knew it,” The grin fell when he saw some of his jock buddies (he wasn’t a jock, but he hang out with them anyways), and turned around, pretending he had never spoken to me.
Ladies and gentlemen, the mess that was my Italian roommate, as I would find out soon enough. Ain't life just lovely?

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